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Office hours:
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday-Friday

Toll Free:
or 419-884-1011

Fax: 419-884-0356

54 East Main Street
P.O. Box 3071
Lexington, Ohio 44904

E-mail: Earl@sscoach.com


The Story of S&S Coach Company

The company entered the transportation industry in 1920. Over the past ninty years and three generations, the face of S&S Coach has changed to meet the needs of its customers. From 1920 – 1963 and from 1990-1994, the company provided transportation to local parochial and public schools. It served area churches and schools, selling school buses, school bus parts, and providing repair and maintainance services from 1920 – 2004. In 1990, the charter motorcoach service was developed to address the needs of local groups. In 1991, the company was incorporated as S&S Coach Company, Inc. with a mission to provide charter motorcoach transportation to Ohio groups, with safety and service, its top priorities.

Great Grandpa & Grandma Swigart- taken in their back yard, one block from S&S Coach. The property would later become the old Buck's Tavern.

Grandpa George & Grandma Jean Swigart- family photo from "The History of Lexington" taken in the main room of Swigart's Cafe which later became the old Buck's Tavern.

Commitment to the safety of the customer is priority one. Earl Swigart, the current president, served on the original committee to set up the Ohio State safety inspection standards. These standards continue to ensure the safety of the Ohio motorcoach industry. S&S Coach has consistently received high ratings since the inception of the Ohio State safety inspection standards and annual State Patrol inspections. S&S Coach also retains one of the best safety ratings in the nation from the Federal Department of Transportation.

While safety is first, dedication to quality service is a close second. The office staff consists of family members: Earl and Peg Swigart and daughter, Stephanie Swigart. They have spent a life-time in the business. The head-mechanic has been with the company for over 20 years. Drivers are selected based on safety history, experience and people skills. S&S Coach drivers are professionals, who undergo extensive pre-employment testing and training. These drivers also participate in annual training sessions. They pride themselves on their safe driving and friendly, helpful service. S&S Coach has a low driver turn-over rate. Most drivers have more than 5 years service with the company and many have more than 10 years. This experience and training allows staff to provide a higher level of service

S&S Coach Company specializes in group transportation. The family owned and operated company provides charter service to destinations within Ohio, the continental United States and Canada. The fleet consists of eight motorcoaches, ranging in capacity from 38 to 55 passengers. These coaches offer a variety of amenities.

S&S Coach has kept up with modern needs with a variety of additions to its fleet. The company currently offers two sizes of deluxe motorcoaches. One motorcoach is equipped with a wheelchair lift to accommodate passengers with limited mobility. S&S Coach renews its fleet regularly with new coaches. The company's most recent addition is a 2017 38-passenger deluxe.

As the company continues to grow, it stands by what has made it successful: the customer. With that in mind, S&S Coach continues to provide the personal service expected from a family operated company with dependable, clean vehicles and capable, friendly people.

Earl & Peg Swigart- photo by Randy Ortolf, Lexington Photography

Stephanie Swigart taken at S&S Coach, Lexington, OH
What is in a Name?

Many folks have asked, and by now, you’ve probably wondered what the “S”s in S&S Coach stands for.

The company was originally called Superior Coach Sales back when the company sold buses and motor homes manufactured by the Superior Bus Company right here in Ohio. When the company became a Ward School Bus dealer, the Ward Company thought the dealership should have a new name. This task fell to George Swigart’s wife and then Corporate Secretary, Jean Swigart.

Jean decided on S&S Coach. When asked, she states she doesn’t really remember and she just liked the sound of it. Well, we may never know what Jean had in mind when she came up with the name.

Swigart & Son. Swigart & Swigart.

Well, whatever she had in mind, we like to think of it as Safety & Service. This is what we provide our customers. This is our priority.

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