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When you go motorcoach, you go green. Expensive, future technologies to fight climate change aren't years and billions of dollars away. They're right here today. Motorcoaches are part of America's energy solution -- removing cars from the road, mitigating congestion, saving fuel, cutting emissions, and maybe even saving penguins from melting icecaps!

Today's motorcoach is a model of environmental stewardship. On a per passenger basis, motorcoaches have superior passenger fuel efficiency compared to all other transportation sectors.

The Union of Concerned Scientists, an activist group known for its environmental advocacy, recently released a report titled “Getting There Greener: The Guide To Your Lower Carbon Vacation” in which they recommended going by bus. “A couple traveling on a motorcoach will generate nearly 50 percent less global warming pollution than they would driving a hybrid car,” the scientists concurred.

Modern motorcoaches also offer comfort and convenience. "Motorcoaches have upholstered seats, personal climate controls, entertainment systems and restrooms," American Bus Association President Peter J. Pantuso said. "Plus, they have more legroom and headroom than other transportation choices. Best of all, motorcoaches have no middle seats."

Efficiency Facts

In 2008, motorcoaches provided 206.6 passenger miles per gallon (MPG), more than double the second most fuel-efficient sector, commuter rail at 92.4 passenger MPG. Transit buses achieve 31.4 passenger MPG, domestic air carriers achieve 44 passenger MPG, and single passenger automobiles achieve 27.2 passenger MPG.

"Motorcoaches move nearly as many passengers each year than planes and more than trains," Pantuso told the Congressional Surface Transportation Policy & Revenue Commission. "We move more people in two weeks than Amtrak moves in one year." Motorcoaches also play a crucial role in reducing energy use and in helping America reduce its dependence on foreign sources of fuel, Pantuso told the commission.

"Coaches are the most fuel-efficient and least energy intensive mode of commercial passenger transportation," Pantuso added. In contrast to other commercial transportation options, motorcoach mobility benefits "come at virtually no cost to taxpayers," Pantuso said.

Each motorcoach has the potential of removing 55 autos from the highway. That's millions of cars not driven, saving fuel, cutting emissions and reducing congestion.

A new study, titled "Comparisons of Energy Use and Emissions from Different Transportation Modes," was produced by respected research firm MJ Bradley and Associates. It is the first study to create a comparison between the motorcoach industry and other mass transportation modes. Data included was culled from the 2007 Motorcoach Census, the Federal Transit Administration, the Department of Transportation, and the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Comparisons of Energy Use and Emissions from Different Transportation Modes 2008

Motorcoach Facts 2009

More Research and Reports

Figures are cited from the “Annual Report: Impacts of Motorcoach Industry on Society and the Economy,” produced by Nathan Associates and from “Comparison of Energy Use & CO2 Emissions From Different Transportation Modes,” produced by M.J. Bradley & Associates most recent publication unless noted. Full studies are available online at www.buses.org.
American Bus Association, 700 13th Street NW, Suite 575, Washington, DC 20005-5923 www.buses.org

When you go motorcoach, you go green!