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S&S Coach Company proudly owns one of the newest bus fleets in the state including several recent acquisitions. Passenger amenities on S&S's coaches include plush seats with overhead reading lights, individual airflow controls, aircraft quality enclosed overhead storage for luggage, and an entertainment system with six video monitors and a speaker above each pair of seats.

S&S Coach Company has one motorcoach equipped with a power wheelchair lift, able to raise a wheelchair to the floor level of the motorcoach. The motorcoach was acquired in 2009 and has adjustable securements for wheelchairs. Although the motorcoach is set up for 55 passenger seats, configuration can be changed upon request to accommodate one wheelchair and 49 passenger seats or two wheelchairs and 45 passenger seats. Please provide at least 48 hours notice for reconfiguration. There are no additional charges for reconfiguration. For those passengers that can transfer to regular passenger seats, the wheelchairs and other mobility aids can be stored in the luggage bays beneath the motorcoach.

A passenger may stand on the lift for boarding if they are unable to use the steps to board and exit the coach. There are handrails on the lift to assist passengers with steadying themselves on the moving lift. It’s a long way down from the floor level of the motorcoach, if you feel you need assistance, please alert your driver before boarding the lift so accommodations can be made to prevent a fall.

The lift platform can accommodate all “common wheelchairs,” as defined by ADA as a wheelchair measuring no more than 30” wide and 48” long as measured 2” above the ground and weighing no more than 600 pounds when occupied. We request that passengers boarding by the lift face outwards from the vehicle, though they may board facing the vehicle if they prefer, and that wheeled mobility aids, including wheelchairs be powered down and have brakes set for safety.

Proper securement is extremely important as crash-studies have shown that a passenger in an unsecured wheelchair can be more vulnerable to injury, even at speeds of less than 20 mph. Since each model varies, it is important that the passenger and the driver work together to load and secure each mobility aid properly. Three or four wheeled power scooters are more difficult to secure than wheelchairs, since restraint systems are based on the four-point tie down system. Most three or four wheeled scooters cannot be secured in the front and must be secured in the rear. Therefore, we suggest that whenever possible, scooter passengers transfer to a regular passenger seat and stow their scooter in the luggage bays beneath the motorcoach. Walkers, crutches and canes will travel in the passenger compartment with the passenger whenever possible. Any wheelchair or mobility aid stowed as luggage will be available at any stop. Please call should you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Please be aware that our drivers provide assistance with boarding and disembarking. We understand that additional assistance may be required for some passengers at their destination. This type of attendant service is not provided by our transportation service. If you need this higher level of assistance, please consider traveling with an attendant or arranging for attendant service at the destination, as the driver will not be able to provide this personal service for you.

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Ohio Wheelchair Tour Bus