Guidelines for Student Groups

In order to make extracurricular activity trips safe and pleasant as possible, the following guidelines are to be observed by student groups when using a commercial motorcoach or bus:


All decisions pertaining to the operation of the motor coach will be made by the driver based on legal requirements and company policy.


It is the driver's determination when and where fuel stops shall be made in accordance with the company's policy.


The driver will determine where the bus may be safely stopped during emergencies on the road and where it will be parked at other times.


Luggage loading and unloading and access to luggage bays by minors must be chaperone supervised.


Allowing food and drinks inside the bus is a privilege granted by the motor coach company and may be rescinded at the discretion of the driver. Should the driver determine that this privilege is being abused, all food and drink will be placed in the baggage area. Passengers will have access during stops as needed.


Chaperons are responsible to see that students put trash in containers provided by the driver and if necessary pick up food and drink trash left by the students. A clean-up and damage fee will be assessed if necessary.


Deviation from the itinerary that was presented to bus company may result in extra costs. Once the trip is in progress, additional itinerary changes may result in greater mileage costs or determined to be impossible if it conflicts with the legal duty time required by the driver.


Student behavior on the bus is the responsibility of the chaperons. Legal and safety requirements determine that all passengers must be seated when the bus is in motion and it is the responsibility of the chaperons to see that this rule is enforced. If the chaperons cannot enforce this rule, the driver will park the bus and remain parked until it is enforced.


Commercial bus drivers are strictly regulated as to driving hours in order to comply with legal requirements for safety. This requires close cooperation between the commercial bus company and the activity group to insure compliance.

Student Group Guidelines